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Does Top Management Even Know That You Exist?

Anyone who wants to get ahead in their career knows that they have to make the best possible impression within their company. In most cases, however, their efforts to stand out are confined to their dealings with their peers and immediate line managers, while those at the top of the organization barely know they exist.


If “who you know rather than what you know” is what really counts in business, then these people are doomed from the start. There is, however, a very effective way to ensure that you get noticed.


Next time you start a new job, do something that most employees don’t even consider — arrange a brief 10-minute meeting with top management to introduce yourself. The purpose of this meeting should be to make a positive impression by talking strategically, so aim to focus on:


  • The leader’s vision for the company
  • How they perceive your role’s impact on that vision
  • How you can have the greatest impact on the organization through your new position


Most employees tend to take a “heads down” approach to their work and fail to look at the bigger picture and how they fit into it. By making it known from the start that you are not one of those people and by showing your commitment to the success of the company, you will make a positive impression that will not easily be forgotten.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!



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