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Do you get enough sleep? – What you need to know

We hear it often – how Important sleep is, but most of us don’t really know just how important. You see, it is while we sleep that our bodies are able to rejuvenate itself, repairing and rebuilding muscles and bones. It’s when our body is able to naturally detox and prepare us for the next day. It is how we distress from our work day and get us ready for the next day. If we do not sleep, we put our health at risk. When we sleep properly, you will not only be healthier, but you will also be happier.

When you aren’t sleeping properly, you can find yourself dealing with serious health risks, that can leave you with long lasting effects on your mind and body.

Let’s take a look at just what sleep can do to you.

0-5 hours of sleep puts you at 2.5x higher risk for diabetes, 45% higher risk for a heart attack and 12% higher risk of death.

5-7 hours of sleep is what the average person gets.

7-9 hours of sleep is what is recommended for daily alertness and improved health.

Brain Insomnia

Did you know that lack of sleep causes parts of your brain to shut down? Your ability to solve hard problems can be affected, and your ability to learn will be affected. Your creative thinking will be affected and so will your judgment. You might be surprised to learn that you can also suffer from slurred speech. This can make your days at work tougher and require more energy from you.

When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it will crave salty and fatty foods. Lack of sleep will activate your body’s fight or flight response, which leads to your body storing fats and hormones. It means you will have trouble winding down at night. If you are sleeping less than 7 hours at night, you are likely to gain weight, because your body produces less lepton, which causes an increase in appetite.

How you can get better sleep

If you can establish a regular nightly pattern, it will help you get enough sleep and improve your health.

1. Create a 60 minute for going to bed. This will establish your natural rhythms.

2. Turn off all devices 60 minutes before going to bed.

3. 90 minutes before going to bed, this will help to relax you.

While you might not die directly from a lack of sleep, that doesn’t mean you should relax, because you will be a lot unhealthier and lead to an early death. Sleep is key to balancing work and life.

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