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Dealing with fussy eaters

Some children just seem to be born fussy eaters, but more often they go through spells when they test their parents’ patience to the limits and battle against every effort to encourage them to eat a healthy diet.  Totally oblivious to the concerns of Mom and Dad that they aren’t getting the nutrition that their bodies need, normally they tend to stick rigidly to only one or two favorite foods and won’t entertain the idea of eating anything else.


Often the best way to deal with fussy eaters is by trying different ways to make eating fun.  Foods such as pasta in the shape of letters, numbers or their favorite TV characters can make mealtimes more appealing, and even arranging food on the plate so that it looks like, for example, a smiley face can encourage them to eat.  If you talk to your children while they are eating, getting them to describe which letter, number or part of the face they are eating can be a great way to distract them from the type of food they are consuming and get them to concentrate on the fun part instead.


Although fussy eating can be an enormous worry for parents, typically children don’t suffer any harm because of it and just grow out of the phase naturally.  Try to avoid forcing them to eat things that they are not keen on tackling though, as this can often set up distastes for certain foods far into the future.

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