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Dance your way to fitness

When they first came on the market, dance mats were meant to be a fun and enjoyable activity for children. As more and more parents started to join in with their children, however, they soon began to discover a new and truly enjoyable way to stay fit in the comfort of their own homes. No longer was it necessary to force themselves out of their homes to attend a gym or exercise class, not to mention the embarrassment of exposing their unfit bodies to the world. All they had to do was plug and play.

The original dance mats have been replaced by those that can be used with a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii. The functionality has improved immensely and there is a huge selection of music to choose from, catering to all tastes. For many people, typical forms of exercise do little to inspire or excite them, so despite their good intentions, they soon give up. Dance mats, however, offer huge amounts of fun, while at the same time, providing a great aerobic workout, which means that many users tend to keep up their routines much longer.

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