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Cell phone stun gun

One more story about how easy it is to be prepared. The following is a story how the Cell Phone Stun Gun was used.
Rachel hated the subway. She grew up in a small town in
Washington State, so she enjoyed being outside at every chance
she could get.

As an attorney in the big city, she often had to get to work at
an hour that most folks were still dreaming in their beds. So she
used the twelve-block walk from her apartment to her office as a
chance to spend some quiet time enjoying her surroundings.

Still, she often felt a little nervous about walking those
streets alone.  So she picked up a Cell Phone Stun Gun.

It looks just like a regular phone, complete with a holster and a
belt clip. And nobody’s going to question a well-dressed
businessperson walking down the street holding a cell phone.

Rachel’s intuition paid off one Thursday morning, when a junkie
burst out from behind a dumpster and started screaming at her to
hand over her purse. As she put her hands in the air, she used
her thumb to disable the safety lock on the Cell Phone Stun Gun.

Rachel grabbed her purse with her other hand, tossing it past the
criminal. As he bent over to pick it up, she jabbed the Cell
Phone Stun Gun in the small of his back, shooting 950,000 volts
of electricity through his body. She never even had to take it
out of its carrying case.

With her attacker curled up on the ground, Rachel pulled out her
real cell phone to call the police. Her colleagues always
wondered why she carried two cell phones. They usually assumed
that a powerful woman needed them both. Rachel grinned as she
realized they didn’t know just how much power she really wielded.

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