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Bryan catches a thief red-handed

Bryan catches thief red-handed

Early on Monday morning, Bryan was busy helping a customer check out from his little convenience store. Marge was one of his long-time customers and Bryan knew she was just headed to her flower shop several streets over. As she started to leave, 2 men came in and began looking around. One of the men came to the counter and asked Bryan if he carried any white vinegar. While the other man, with his back to Bryan, turned down one of the aisles. Bryan sensed that the man at the counter was trying to block Bryan’s view of his buddy. So, Bryan looked down at the monitor under the cash register to get a better look at the other man. Luckily, Bryan had recently installed a 1280 HS Fisheye 3.0 MP Camera , that gave him a 360-degree view of his entire store. Because of the HD clarity of his camera, he was able to clearly see the man stuff several items into his pockets. As the thief closed his coat tightly around his body and begin to leave, with his tablet in hand, Bryan stepped from behind the counter and blocked the exit. The thief stopped several feet away from him. Bryan turned his tablet toward the thief and replayed the footage of the theft. The man slowly took the stolen items out of his pockets and put them on the shelf next to him. Bryan looked at him sternly and said, “And don’t come back”. He swung open the door and let the thief and his friend leave. Bryan walked back behind the counter, looked up at his 1280 HS Fisheye 3.0 MP Camera and said, Don’t be a victim!”

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