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My monthly newsletter reminded me how fortunate I was to have my own business. There are those who think you have to be crazy to start your own business. I obviously disagree. In fact, I have to admit that it took having a stroke to finally go at this fulltime. I have been involved in this business for over 10 years. And ever since I completed my rehab, I have been working toward getting this website going. I still have to take it slow, but I could not be happier to get going. I have been lucky to get some firsthand knowledge of what it takes to run your own business from my dad. And I have to say that you have to have a different mindset to pull it off. My dad had to deal with some issues that I never will. There were racial issues that were extremely hard to navigate. And the problems a small business owner faces still exist. But, the satisfaction of owning your own business is like no other. One thing you realize quickly is that you have to do what you love. In order to keep going when you are the most frustrated, you have to love your work. I’m proud to offer you the self defense products you need. You will hear me often refer to having peace of mind. I believe that if I can give that to you, then I’ve done my job.




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