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Basic steps toward life and work balance

These days it seems harder than ever to keep up with your job, your family and your personal life. Here are a few steps you can take toward blissful balance.

First, prioritize what’s going on in your life. Look at all the things that you have competing for your time and choose what’s going to stay in your life and what’s going to be let go. Obviously, unless you’re a Rockefeller, your job is going to stay. And you can’t let go of your family. Are you an uber volunteer – jumping in to help anywhere and everywhere? Do you really need to be on seven committees? Select one or two at the most that mean the most to you and respectfully decline involvement with the others.

Do you work in an office? Discuss with your boss the option of telecommuting a few hours or one day a week. Just look at how much time you would save if you cut out your commuting time even just one day a week.

Technology is a double-edge sword. Yes, it’s here to make our lives simpler, but it can also act like a leash. Pick certain times, like around the family dinner table, and make it a technology-free zone.

Most importantly, remember that wanting a work/life balance in no way reflects badly on you. We all have limitations and need to live within them. You can prioritize, still get work done, still be involved and maintain your sanity all at the same time.

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