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Balancing work and play – How’s your Emotional Well Being?

When we talk about balancing work and play we often talk a great deal about our physical well-being, but we talk far less about our emotional well-being. It’s too bad, because it is very important that you are also emotionally healthy if you want to find a good balance between work and play. Here are some great ideas for improving your emotional well-being.


  • Make sure you always practice self-respect, and self-love. These feelings will help you treat yourself and others with the highest consideration. They will also help you to ensure you get the time you need for you.


  • Work by yourself or with the help of a counselor to heal any past wounds, which are associated with destructive behavior that could be causing you to put more focus on your work and less on your personal life.


  • Learn how to fight fairly in your work and personal relationships to avoid violent arguments that could cause emotional damage. Learning to listen, and understand the difference between reaction and response.


  • Learn how to say no to work and not feel guilty about it.


  • In your work and personal relationships, you should never say things out of anger. Words are hurtful and they can scar for a long time. Learn how to express yourself in a safe manner that will hurt neither your work relationships nor your personal relationships.


  • Learn how to manage your stress and how to communicate your feelings in a safe way that’s not aggressive. Practice forgiveness and focus on moving forward in your life.


  • Identify your key issues, create positive affirmations, and practice them every day.
  • Develop close personal relationships that you can count on for support. Continue to expand your ability to give and receive in your friendships. Give yourself permission to live passionately.


  • Exercise regularly with a balanced program that includes all the components stretching, aerobics, and strength training. Exercise makes your body, mind, and heart happy.


Work and play need to have balance. You need to be able to have emotional health in your life in order to be able to build that balance.

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