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Animals we’d rather not meet

Some animals are cute and cuddly. Others, not so much. Here’s a look at  two creatures with some rather unusual features:

The tentacle snake. This small snake found in Southeast Asia, doesn’t have to chase fish-it tricks them into swimming right into it’s mouth. Using the tentacles on it’s nose to form a rough J shape, the snake remains motionless until a small fish gets close enough to the hook of the J. Then, within a few thousandths of a second, the snake startles it’s victim, which mistakenly flees into the waiting jaws of the snake.

The Palouse earthworm. Specimens of this worm have been known to grow 3 feet in length, and give off a distinct lily smell. Naturalist say the giant worm still lives in the Palouse, a two million acre region near the borders of Idaho and Washington. Though only a few have been seen over the past century, The last confirmed sighting of the worm was in 2005.

Remember, Don’t be a victim!

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