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Amazing science facts that are hard to believe

Science doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, check out these amazing science facts that are hard to believe.


#1 The Sahara is only 20% covered with sand


When you picture the Sahara chances are you visualize endless sand dunes is actually a myth. The reality is that only 20% of the Sahara is covered with sand dunes, yet the desert covers 8.5 million square kilometers made up of bare stony plains, gravel plains, salt covered plains, and mountains.


#2 When you fake confidence it changes the brain chemistry positively


Your body language affects how other people see you, but it will also change how you see yourself. When we do what’s called ‘power pose,’ it actually affects your cortisol and testosterone levels and as a result it could actually improve your chances of success by improving your true self confidence. Harvard University has done a great deal of research on this topic.


#3 Set goals, write them down, and don’t tell anyone


It seems that when you set specific goals and write them down you are more likely to reach those goals, but if you share them with others you decrease your likelihood of your goals coming true. Odd but true. Studies have shown that if you tell your life plan to another person, it stimulates the same area of the brain that is also activated when a goal is achieved. Therefore your mind actually thinks you have already achieved your life plan and you are less motivated and are likely to fail to achieve your life plan.


#4 Lifelong smokers and severely obese people have the same life expectancy


According to a recent study at Oxford University moderate obesity reduces one’s life expectancy by around 3 years while severe obesity reduces it by around 10 years. A lifelong smoker can expect their life expectancy to be reduced by around 10 years.


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