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5 Tips to Achieve Life – Work Balance for the Freelance working from Home

Work life balance is important to achieve, but it can be tougher to achieve than you might think. Here are 5 tips to help achieve work life balance.

1. Limit work time – Many entrepreneurs, self employed workers, and freelancers consider themselves to always be on. This can lead to complete burn out. You should limit your work week to four days. As long as you ware working smart in those four days you will accomplish as much as if you were working five days.

2. Only work while you are in your office – Make it a rule that the only place you work is in your office. It is way too easy to grab your laptop and work while you are watching TV in the living room, or sit at the kitchen table, visit, and work. The problem is suddenly your entire home becomes your office and you don’t have any space that doesn’t feel like work space.

3. Make time for others – Work during the time when you can’t be with others. If you have family members that you want to spend time with then schedule your work so that you can spend time with them, or maybe it is a friend that you want to spend time with.

4. Turn your phone off – If you are spending time with your friends, your kids, or your spouse, turn your phone off and give the important people in your life the time and attention they deserve.

5. Enjoy some fun hobbies – You need some fun time, some time where you can laugh and let your hair down, some time where you can spend with your family. Find hobbies that fit that let you do this. It is healthy for you and your business.

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