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5 Tips fo Balancing Work and Home Life

Without balance we become overstressed, which isn’t healthy. So it’s important to find balance between work and home life. Let’s look at 5 tips for balancing work and home life.


  1. Look at your work schedule. Are you working too many hours? Are your shifts too sporadic or not scheduled properly? Look at how it’s working with your home life. Then consider if you can make changes at your current place of employment or perhaps you need to think about changing employment.


  1. Look at the time spent on chores around home. You might be surprised at how much time you have to dedicate to menial tasks. Now look at see if it might be worth your time to hire someone to do these tasks. That will free up important time, which can help to create balance.


  1. Look for time that’s wasted. Most of us actually waste a couple of hours a day on things like Facebook, TV, or being disorganized. Be honest. Really analyze where your time goes and see if you can gain some of it back.


  1. Look to see if you are organized and if you have a system that works? Sometimes we get so busy running around doing errands and tasks that we forget to look and see if we can combine tasks to cut out a few trips. For example, on errand day do you do things in a systematic order? If not try to streamline things.


  1. Look at your days off and see how you use that time. Are you getting the most out of your days off and your evenings? Can you work with other parents taking turns so you aren’t all using your time to do the same thing? For example, can you take turns carpooling?


The key here is to maximize your time. You have 24 hours in a day – 8 hours at work – 8 hours to sleep – but that’s still 8 hours that you have, so make sure you are using your time to help balance work and home, leading a life that’s less stressed and much happier.

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