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5 Reasons for choosing a TASER over a Firearm

There are several considerations to choosing a Taser over a firearm. The first reason is that a TASER is a non-lethal weapon. There is minimal chance that a Taser is going to kill someone, however, with a firearm, it’s easy to misfire or aim poorly and inadvertently kill someone. Plus, if your attacker were to get the weapon away from you, you’re less likely to be killed yourself.


Maintenance: Another great reason is that a gun must be cleaned and properly oiled and cared for. It can be messy, smelly and in some instances, it can be dangerous to clean your gun. Tasers are virtually maintenance free.


Aim: If you’re going to use something against someone, you’re going to have to aim for that person. Guns are heavier and harder to aim than a Taser. Most people don’t take the time to learn how to properly sight and aim their weapons. A TASER, on the other hand, uses a laser to sight it in. A Taser’s laser for sighting will auto shut off after you deploy the weapon.


Visibility: Most firearms don’t have a means to help you see the person you’re shooting at, however, Tasers have an LED light that will help you to see your assailant. The LED light is standard on all models.


Strength: It actually takes more strength than most people realize to use a gun. There is a kick back and it can really throw you off your balance if you’re not braced or set for it. Many people don’t have the experience to expect this nor are they able to retain their balance. This could allow for your would-be attacker to attack you as well. A TASER doesn’t have any kickback at all. Remember, also that you can easily use a Taser with either hand, if you’re right or left-handed chances are that you shoot with your dominant hand and that’s not always convenient either.


Now that you know why you should choose a Taser, you can move forward and know that you’re looking at the best possible weapon at hand when you select a Taser. This non-lethal, self-defense method will lead to fewer casualties, can’t be used against you and you’re much more likely to be safe when you choose a TASER over a firearm. Always learn how to properly use your Taser before you need it and take the time to understand how the buttons work if you’re not looking directly at it., Many times you’ll be looking at an assailant, not your weapon and you’ll want to be able to use it without looking if need be.


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