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4 Things you should before your next doctor’s appointment

Getting a yearly checkup is important to your health and in the prevention of disease. If you have an appointment, you should be commended, as many do not. However, before your checkup, go through this checklist and make sure you do these 4 things before your appointment.

1. Review your family health history. Determine if you have any close relatives with any new conditions or diseases you have since your last annual checkup. Your family history is an important indicator of your risk factors, especially of things like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Let your doctor know If there are any changes, so that they can determine if you need to make any changes.

2. Keep track of when you are due for any screenings or vaccinations. If you were told that you require certain tests based on your age, family history, health or lifestyle, check to make sure you have had all the screenings or tests you are supposed to have or book appointments for those you need. Some common screenings include blood pressure, mammograms, colon cancer screening, pat tests, etc. You should also get any vaccinations you are due for.

3. Make a list of any things you want to talk to your doctor about. Perhaps you have noticed changes to your body – changes like new lumps or changes to your skin. Maybe you are experiencing dizziness or pain. Maybe your eating habits have changed, or maybe you feel depressed or anxious. Whatever it is, make a list so you won’t forget to talk to your doctor about it.

4. Keep your future in mind. Are there any health issues that you feel need to be addressed that relate to your future? Maybe you need to quit smoking, want to have a baby and need fertility treatments, or you need to lose weight. Discuss any future concerns with your doctor.

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