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22 Great Science Trivia Questions

Science can be a lot of fun and it is certainly interesting. Here are 22 great science trivia questions to share with your friends.

1. Skylab was the first American space station. In 1979, it fell to the earth breaking into thousands of pieces over the ocean.

2. The human jaw muscles can generate a force of 200 pounds on the molars.

3. Tremendous erosion at the base of Niagara Falls on the US side undermines the shale cliffs. Because of this the falls have receded approximately 7 miles in the last 10,000 years.

4. A large swarm of desert locusts called Schistocerca gregaria can consume 20,000 tons of vegetation a day.

5. The human eye blinks around 4,200,000 times a year.

6. The USA consumes 25 percent of the world’s energy.

7. 40 to 50 percent of a person’s body heat can be lost through the head because of its extensive circulatory network.

8. The greatest tide change on earth occurs in the Bay of Fundy. The difference between low tide and high tide can be as great as 54 ft. 6 in.

9. The fastest computer in the world is the CRAY Y-MP C90 supercomputer, which has 16 parallel central processor units.

10. 5 lb. 1.1 oz is the heaviest human brain ever recorded.

11. There are between 100,000,000,000 and 1,000,000,000,000 stars in a normal galaxy.

12. There are approximately 50,000,000,000 galaxies in the cosmos.

13. Scientists have learned that the copper pollution of the atmosphere occurred about 2500 years ago. Scientists discovered this by analyzing ice cores from Greenland. They have attributed this pollution to the Romans who used copper for military purposes and to produce coins.

14. In a full grown rye plant the total length of the roots can reach 380 miles.

15. Boron nitride is the second hardest substance known to man.

16. Hershey’s Kisses have that name because the machine that makes them looks like it’s kissing the conveyor belt.

17. A car traveling at 80 km/h uses half its fuel to overcome wind resistance.

18. The typewriter was invented in 1829, and the automatic dishwasher in 1889.

19. Cars were first made with ignition keys in 1949.

20. Sterling silver contains 7.5% copper.

21. When hydrogen burns in the air, it forms water.

22. The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal.

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