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10 Fun Science Facts You Should Know

The world is made up of science facts. Some are very important, while others are merely triva for most of us. Whether you are a science buff or not, science facts are entertaining to most people, which is why we thought now is the time to share with you 10 fun science facts.

Did you know…

1. A flea can jump 130 times it’s height. Since a flea is 2.5mm, that means it can jump 235 millimeters high or 12.8 inches high. Now that is quite the jump.

2. An adult has 206 bones in their body and a child has 300 bones in their body. Adults have less bones because they fuse together as we grow.

3. Snakes are carnivorous animals, eating only other animals. no snake eats any type of plant material.

4. The most dangerous animal in the world is the housefly, because it lands on animal waste, then it lands on animals and people.

5. The giant salamander grows to 5 feet in length, making it the largest amphibian in the world.

6. Velcro was invented 50 years ago. It is still a main fastener these days.

7. The computer mouse was invented 30 years ago.

8. The refrigerator was invented 70 years ago.

9. A blue whale can produce sound at 188 decibels. That makes it the loudest sound made by any animal on the planet, and it can be detected up to 530 miles away.

10. The state of Maine (USA), has no poisonous snakes, neither does Vancouver British Columbia (Canada).

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